Dancer; Dance Organizer; Dance Caller

Warren has been an active contra dancer (50 years), dance event organizer (25 years), and dance caller (20 years), calling at local dances and regional dance events.
Warren calling w/Great Bear Trio at the Roanoke Railroader Dance Weekend

The Sequence Waltz - original choreography
Music: 'Passing By' -  original waltz written for Terry & Warren by Toss the Possum

Salty Dog Rag - recorded at Dance Flurry
Saratoga Springs, NY

Interested in hiking the Appalachian Trail? Check out Warren's ATI Sessions
2024 ATI Sessions
March 25–29
June 24–28
Sept. 23–27
Sept. 30–Oct. 4
Oct. 7–11

2024 Smart Hike Orientations
March 29–31
June 21–23
Sept. 27–29
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